You are invited to submit an abstract for a single presenter session, panel, skill-building workshop, think tank, roundtable and/or poster session at Kasem Cares’ Aging and Integrity Conference 2016.

Conference Goal and Objectives

The educational goal of the 2016 Kasem Cares Conference on Aging is to offer professionals and practitioners the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, exchange information on best practices, and learn about the latest research and trends in Elder Abuse.

The five main sub-themes are:

  1. Game changers:  Innovations in research and practice of the ever growing aging population.
  2. Providing effective resources, tools and care for aging patients and their caregivers.
  3. Strategies in addressing social injustices faced by the aging population.
  4. Red flag awareness; how to recognize and report elder mistreatment.
  5. Collaboration of communities for the changing health environment.

Proposals/Abstracts must be received on or before 5pm on December 1, 2015.  Please submit here.

Additional information:

Speakers will receive all access passes to the conference and exhibit hall (except the VIP reception). *Includes one event ticket, listing in our online program, having your recorded speaking session listed afterwards on the Kasem Cares YouTube Channel. Speakers may decide to provide a donation to Kasem Cares or support the conference through one of our sponsorship opportunities.

If you are selected to be a speaker, the following is required on or before February 15, 2016:

  • – Powerpoint/Keynote slide decks for your session. Kasem Cares reserves the right to revoke your speaker approval if we do not receive and approve your presentation.
  • – A teaser article about your session. The article must share tips related to your session topic and conclude with a message that will invite readers to your session.

Note: All marketing for this conference will be sent by e-mail to save on valuable resources. Please let us know if you would like to be included on our mailing list.

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations must be pre-mounted onto poster board, or other material, that allows for the poster to be displayed on a free-standing easel. All materials must be supplied by the presenter.

Poster Guidelines (PDF)

Panel Presentations

Panel presentations are a great format for multiple presenter to share their varying perspectives. Any prepared presentation should be between 3-5 minutes in length.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunity information is available here.

Conference Panels

Legal Panel

Title: Navigating the Legal System

Description: The Legal Panel includes a review of the legal system and its effects on the aging population. This covers, among other things, the importance of advance health care directives, and planning not just for death but for what happens when you live with Dementia, Disability or Disease. The session will also include a review of the latest cases on the subject matter. Panelists will review emerging trends in all these areas and take questions from the audience.

Speakers:  Troy Martin, Martha Patterson, Ted Hankin, Logan Clark

Elder Abuse Panel

Survivor – Advocates

Title:  Elder Abuse, understanding the epidemic

Description:  We will discuss the dynamics of this growing problem. Panelists will discuss how to recognize abuse, and the many valuable resources that are available and take questions from the audience.  This panel will include elder abuse survivors, and advocates.

Panelists: Kelley Rooney, Ione Daniels, Kathy Brawn, Carol Tryon, Carrie Jones

Moderator: Kerri Kasem

Other Topics:

Barriers for seniors, types of elder abuse, Financial elder abuse and reform, Identifying elder abuse in your profession | Emotions vs Evidence, Advocating for seniors and the mountain of challenges-from document changes, POA changes, etc., Fighting your family to protect Innocent elder—persevering, staying on track, etc. | Law enforcement and elder abuse, Fighting elder abuse from another country i.e. Canada vs USA-the expenses, time, travel | Police, lawyers, doctors, accountants, banks, friends—where do they all fit in to help the fight? | The seniors silence—afraid of abusers, afraid of the public, Navigating the legal system, Health benefits of medicare, Aging well, The aging brain, Legal panel – Aging, elder abuse and the legal system, Gerontology Elder abuse panel – clinical practitioners, resources for those working with victim/survivors, Understanding alzheimer’s disease & other dementia, Technology, innovation and changes in health care, The dangers of Isolation, The visitation bill current progress, Guardianship reform | Helping seniors avoid financial abuse, End of life planning, The gift of giving your loved one(s) a properly planned trust, Hospice care help, Caregiver fatigue | Survivors of elder abuse panel, Domestic violence to elder abuse, Ageism, Dental neglect and abuse in older adults | Elder abuse – investigation/prosecution.