Ione Daniels

As a New Orleans, Louisiana native, Ione grew up in the heart of the city; home to some of the nation’s best food, Jazz music, and many unique cultural aspects. California became her second home, starting with San Francisco and then San Diego. It was in San Diego where she settled, started a family, and a business, Pacific Tech Services, Inc. Family owned and operated, it has served Southern California’s Pharmaceutical and Biotech community for many years. Recently, she became an independent Sales Rep for EC Bank Card. She now helps other businesses save money and grow.

As her parents reached their “golden years” she relocated her grandmother and mother, whom she still cares for today. The biggest challenge was her father, who still resided back in New Orleans.  

Their close relationship always brought them together despite the distance.  It was her experience with her Father’s dementia that caused her to realize the need for change. Once unable to speak up about his poor care and isolation near the end of his life, she never wants this experience to happen to anyone else. This experience with elder abuse made her realize that it is a devastating reality affecting many people. Since then, she has helped facilitate the “Visitation Bill” in both Louisiana and Oregon and is currently working to bring it to more states.

When Ione is not working, she enjoys art, cooking, music, gardening, and travel. She also volunteers at the Oceanside Museum of Art as a docent.