Kim McCorkle Harbath

In 2012, Kim McCorkle Harbath of Ogden, Utah was thrust into the world of Elder Financial Abuse, when she received a call that her father was being financially scammed by several women. After experiencing the inability to do anything about it, she has spent the last three years pursuing a BIS degree at Weber State University with an emphasis in Elder Financial Abuse. Through personal experience and higher education, Kim now has the opportunity to advocate for the fair treatment of elderly people everywhere and she hopes to spread a message of intention, courage, and love to all those who have experienced the far reaching effects of Elder Financial Abuse.

In her spare time Kim enjoys spending time with her family. She has experience in leading humanitarian efforts, including the Come Together Community meal in Ogden, Utah and volunteering for Ogden OUTreach. Due to her volunteer work and academic achievements, she has been the recipient of several awards including Indie Ogden’s Volunteer of the year Award (November, 2014) and Weber State University‚Äôs Community Engaged Student of the Year (February, 2015).