Founder of ADIA

Pamela Penson

Pamela Penson, MBA, Ph.D.  is the Founder and CEO of ADIA. Pamela has worked in the business sector for over twenty-five years.  She became an entrepreneur at the early age of 17, importing, and exporting textile from India to the United States.  She is a graduate of University of Southern California with an MBA and earned a PhD in Neuro Economics from Claremont Graduate University, ranked top in her class.  
A decade ago, Pamela founded ADIA to address her general dissatisfaction with the quality of the current in-home caregiver services available; ADIA is the leading and premier non-medical homecare and personal care service provider to older adults in Southern California.
Pamela personally grappled with the daunting task of providing care for someone in her family in a difficult time of need.  She wanted the best for her loved one and was shockingly disappointed with the quality of caregivers and lack of caregiver oversight that was available.  She sought out organizations that would not only care for her family members’ basic needs, but would also understand her experience, hopes, confusion, concerns, and dreams until “death do us part.” Nothing like this existed, and she knew she could do better by revolutionizing the caregiving approach towards our elders with connection, civility and accountably. She was not willing to accept the robotic stale terms or experience of caregiving for her most beloved family member – the matriarch of her family.
In addition to her work in advancing the elder care movement and approach to growing older through ADIA, she has been active in entrepreneurial ventures, venture capitalist, acquisitions, and inventor for the last 16 years in a variety of fields such as consumer products and international manufacturing.  Her international experience includes owning, operating and managing companies and consultancies in Australia, Brazil, China, India, South Africa, Italy, Germany, England, Mexico, Greece, and Spain.  
Currently, she is a lead investor-creator of new product inventions based in Los Angeles, Mexico, India and China.  She serves on multiple humanitarian boards whose mission is to benefit women and children becoming self-sufficient entrepreneurs in underdevelopment and depressed economic markets worldwide.  She is currently on sabbatical from her professorship work, conducting research in neuro economics, capital distribution of caregivers and geriatric corporate sensitivity.  She speaks five languages, raised in South Pasadena, and lives in Montecito and San Marino, California. She enjoys extreme knitting with a passion for merino wool and extreme scale. She regularly reads obituaries; favorite books are biographies and memoirs.