Paul Greenwood

San Diego Family Protection Division and elder abuse expert.

Greenwood, a lawyer for over 36 years, began his career in England. He moved to his wife’s hometown of San Diego and passed the California Bar in 1991. Greenwood’s assignment as an elder abuse prosecutor 19 years ago developed into a long-term career. He joined the San Diego DA’s office in 1993 and started the Elder Abuse Prosecution Unit in January 1996. Under his leadership the unit has grown to a team of twelve. He has also been involved in the prosecution of over 200 felony elder abuse cases. Mr. Greenwood is currently co-chair of the California District Attorneys Elder Abuse statewide committee and is an elected board member of the National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse.

Greenwood will share tips on elder abuse prevention for people of all ages, how to reduce the risk of elder abuse culled from his extensive criminal prosecution of felony elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. He has been quoted as saying “Education and awareness are essential components of an effective elder abuse program. As a prosecutor I must not simply be reactive — but be proactive and reach out to the community of seniors to help them understand how easy it is to become a victim and how to take steps to lessen the risk.”

“My inspiration comes from my parents,” Greenwood said. “My mother is 91 years old, a former English high school teacher and a survivor of the London Blitz in World War II. My father died last December aged 92; he was my hero — a former B-25 bomber pilot who went on 79 bombing missions over Europe and who was shot down over the Adriatic Sea. He died after a 12 year battle with Alzheimer’s.”