Sgt. Dana McCants

Sgt. Dana McCants has 31 years of experience with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and presently supervises the Department’s Real Estate and Elder Fraud Detective teams.  His expertise on the subject of fraud relates to his service as an Investigator and a Detective Sgt.  As a Detective Sgt., he was assigned to his Department’s Fraud and Cyber Crimes Bureau. McCants is also a POST Master Instructor and has assisted with the course curriculum development of POST ICI classes involving Identity Theft, Real Estate Fraud, and Financial Elder Fraud.  He has taught many such courses to law enforcement personnel in both California and Hawaii. He speaks regularly on behalf of his Department, POST and Keep Safe, to audiences comprised of law enforcement personnel, merchants, civic groups and the media.  His talks touch upon identity theft, forgery-fraud, real estate fraud, and elder fraud.